The Ghost in the Machine – Composing and VO

  • composition

THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE is a performative drawing by visual artist, Jeremy Hawkes. Diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease, Hawkes suspends his medication, allowing the tremors to suffuse his work. With a starkly lyrical tone, THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE is a study of identity and pathology in the face of fear and acceptance.

For this film I provided an original score and VO recording

Land to Vale – Composing and Sound Design

  • Sound Design

A cinematic ode, honouring the people of Australia’s Meerschaum Vale and its iconic community hall. Tracing the region’s vast history – from its traditional, Indigenous landowners through to modern-day fourth generation farming families – LAND TO VALE weaves together rich archival material with present-day footage to explore themes of love, loss and shared remembrance.

In this film I provided an original score and sound design.

The Battle – Location recording

  • Location Recording

Kayah Guenther is a young artist struggling to find his place in the world. Born with trisomy 21, he narrates his story through dance. A highly stylised and darkly evocative portrait, set to an original score, THE BATTLE explores themes of identity, power, passion and despair.

in this film I provided location and studio recording.

Hitch – Sound Design

  • Sound Design

“Hitch” by HW Collective (Sophie Hexter and Poppy Walker) is a beautiful film about a young boy. Recreating the entire soundscape of this haunting and beautifully created film was so fun. Running around, jumping on fences, finding bits of metal to scratch and bash together, digging holes in the back yard, etc. It was especially interesting that in this film we needed to create a ‘deaf’ soundscape. How does deafness sound without being cliche?

The Bentley Effect – Composing

  • Composing Articles

“The Bentley Effect” by Brendan Shoebridge was released at the end of 2016 and has had an enormous impact on communities around Australia and the world.

Composing the music for this long form documentary was both a massive challenge and a great privilege.

Lock The Gate

  • Music Composition
  • Sound Editing

For the first part of 2013, SoundLife Audio has been involved in the “Lock The Gate” Campaign, specifically the films “Fractured Country”, with Sound Editing and Music, and “Undermining Australia”, with Sound Editing.

Lock The Gate Logo

Pharaoh vs the Egyptians

  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Editing
  • Voice Over Recording

In late 2012, SoundLife was very pleased to be a part of Akmal Saleh’s project, “Pharaoh vs the Egyptians”. A feature length documentary about the Arab Spring in Egypt and the overthrow of Hosni Mbarak by the egyptian people.

SoundLife contributed Music, Voice Over Recording and a 5.1 Sound Design and Sound Edit.

The Award winning “Pharaoh Vs the Egyptians” is being received extremely well having shown in Edinburgh film festival, Riverside Film Festival, and winning the prestigious award, Best Byron Film at the Byron Film Festival.

Watch the Trailer


The Gods of Wheat Street

  • Location Recording
The Gods of Wheat Street Surround Atmos Recording

Also late in 2012, we were priveledged to be a part of ABC’s and Everycloud’s “The Gods Of Wheat Street”; a 6 x 1 hour television drama series that transports the audience into the world, hearts and humour of a modern Aboriginal family of local legends.

After data wrangling for the series, SoundLife Audio went back out into the regions of Coraki, Casino and other surrounding areas to record beautiful surround atmos which brings life and reality to the series.

Surround Atmos Recording