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For basic guidelines to current Australian composing rates click the link below.
What is this? – The Australian Guild of Screen composers have put together these rates by asking Australian composers what they’ve been charging for their work, so it’s not just theoretical, it’s actual ‘on the ground’ rates. Hope this helps.
AGSC Rates Survey

Location Recording

$450/Half Day (4hrs)
$650/Full Day (8hrs)
$750/Extended Day (10hrs)
Travel – $0.80/km

This price includes:
6 Channel Field Recorder (Zaxcom Nomad)
Boom Pole and Shotgun Mic (AT897)
Wireless Lavalier Microphone (Sennheiser)
Associated cables and bits and pieces.

Sound Editing/Mixing/Sound Design

$450/Half Day (4hrs)
$650/Full Day (8hrs)
$750/Extended Day (10hrs)

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These rates are base rates and can also be negotiated depending on your circumstances.