The ‘SoundLife Audio FX Kit’ is an extremely useful tool in any film makers toolbox. It is a comprehensive and well crafted package that is designed to add professional atmos without blowing your budget.

Brendan Shoebridge – Director / Editor

Location Recording

Specialising in Surround Ambience recording utilising our custom Neumann Surround Rig, SoundLife provides the purest surround atmos available. Customise your production with unique surround recordings for both atmos and sound effects. From indoor or outdoor ambience to car, plane, bus and all sorts of interior POV’s.

Soundlife will cater for the more conventional location recording needs as well, getting the very best possible dialogue for your production.

After the shoot, come in for ADR and studio dialogue recording using our sweet Neumann Vocal mic and high end recording equipment.

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Audio Post production

SoundLife can take on your production at whatever point you’re at, whether it be simply cleaning up background noise, making dialogue clearer and more impacting or going the whole way with Sound Design, 5.1 surround editing and a full mix.

We believe that good clear communication with directors and producers are integral to a successful project and strive to make this process easy and enjoyable to everyone involved.

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Music Composition

Having composed music for numerous feature length documentaries, Theatrical shows, animations and various online media, Steve Nossiter will create music – orchestral or electronic, contemporary or cultural, and whatever style you need to bring your production to life.