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For basic guidelines to current Australian composing rates click the link below.
What is this? – The Australian Guild of Screen composers have put together these rates by asking Australian composers what they’ve been charging for their work, so it’s not just theoretical, it’s actual ‘on the ground’ rates. Hope this helps.
AGSC Rates Survey

Location Recording

My rate card is as follows for standard television, documentary, and corporate production

(please advise me should you require a TVC/Drama rate card)

  • Standard audio kit $250
  • (mixer, two radio mics, microphones and accessories – expendables included)
  • Labour half day (4hours) $300
  • labour 8 hours. $400
  • labour 10 hours. $500
  • labour 12 hours. $750
  • Overtime @ $100 per hour
  • Travel days $500
  • Wireless camera links  $150
  • Mixer record, ISO tracks (6 channel) 
  • and data storage and transfer $150
  • Timecode lockit box $75/camera
  • Additional radio mics $100 per unit
  • Producer ifb $75 per unit
  • First 50kms of travel included in day rate
  • mileage rate $1/km thereafter – any toll, parking and/or transfer expenses will be passed onto production

Prices are Including GST

Payment terms are 7 days from invoice upon the completion of job, should the job exceed a week in duration, weekly invoices will be produced. Payment outside of these terms may see an adjustment of rates.

Sound Editing/Mixing/Sound Design


These rates are base rates and can definitely be negotiated depending on your circumstances.