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Hear the Real World

Audio post-production consists of various elements, including Sound Design, Foley, Sound Edit, Dialogue Edit, Sound Mix, and Master.

Let me breathe life into your art through impeccable sound

Whether you need a simple dialogue clean-up, a full sound replacement, Some sweet sound design, or hyper-realistic foley, I have you covered.

Dialogue Cleanup

Dirty Lavalier mic sounds are especially hard to deal with. Wind and clothing movement are the most common issues, then there’s the noisy car or trees in the background. Perhaps someone’s phone went off at a critical point in your interview. Maybe someone forgot to turn off the AC or the fridge and that’s ended up flooding your dialogue with unwanted sound.

Not all is lost. – Let me clean that dialogue up using state-of-the-art processing software and hardware. Unless it’s really bad, it’s likely that your dialogue can be saved.

Sound Design

Do you need sound design? – Mostly – Yes, you do.

Without sound design, your visuals tend to lack intimacy and relatability. There are certain things our human minds want to hear that are often forgotten in the mix. But with these added back in, your work takes on a whole new life.

Sound design supports your visuals in overt and covert ways making your work far more intimate and relatable to the viewer bringing them closer to your work and to you.


This is where you make your characters come to life. By adding things like clothing movement, footsteps, household noises, and tactile sounds, you create a believable visual field for your viewers to immerse in and enjoy as a more full and fulfilling experience.

Sound Edit

And you will definitely need a Sound Edit.

Most filmmakers are able to carry out a basic sound edit, however, of all the productions I’ve seen where this has been done, there are inevitably some glaring issues that need work.

A Sound Edit will smooth your production out making the sound more transparent and less overt allowing your viewers to connect more fluidly to your work.

Dialogue Edit

A Dialogue Edit will take the most important aspect of your work, the voice, and make it seamless from beginning to end. This is incredibly important. Almost all productions chop and change the dialogue, which results in breaths in the wrong places, wrong delivery tempos, clipped words, and basically, the whole delivery not sounding quite right.

In dialogue editing, I go through the dialogue with a fine-tooth comb and make it sound as natural to the talent’s voice as if they said it that way in the first place. (like you wish they did)

Sound Mix

Once all of your audio components are in place, Dialogue, SFX, Sound Design, Foley, Atmos and Music, you have the tedious job of mashing it all together in a beautiful way. This is the mix.

In mixing, the real art is made. This is where I bring all of your sound together to support your vision in the most effective way possible. I love this part.

It’s also the part where I make your sound compliant to various platforms’ requirements. Not too loud but not too quiet, but still highly impacting. It’s a delicate balance.

Sound Master

Once the mix is complete, I provide you with the deliverables. Usually, this consists of a stereo mix, and various stems as needed, such as on and off-screen dialogue, FX, and music, however, this can vary from project to project.

See below for some examples of Audio Post Production work I’ve done

I created every sound in this film.
Sound Design, and Music
Music Composition