Post Production – Music

Hear the Real World

Music Composition

Let me breathe life into your film through music.

Whether it be epic battle scenes or melancholy sparseness, I’ve got you covered. I have a large library of music available for use or as most people need, I’ll compose something unique to your production.

I’ve worked on commercials, documentaries, award-winning features, and shorts, as well as game music and music for other digital media.

I’m accustomed to high-demand projects and I thrive with your focused direction and attention.

I’m not attached to my music as an asset, but rather I like to see the production bloom, whatever you feel that it needs, and I’m always excited to work with you to get that down to the finest detail.

Music by Steve Nossiter
Music Composition for Award-Winning Feature ‘The Bentley Effect’
Music Composition and Dialogue Recording
Music Composition and Sound Recording
Music Co Composition and Sound Edit/Design