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This comprehensive sound effect library will make your sfx placement so much easier with unique and juicy textures including tight back alleyways, freight trains, electric trains, pedestrian crossings, traffic, interior and exterior POV’s and so much more.All recording was done using SoundLife’s custom Neummann surround array into a Zaxcom Nomad 8 field recorder. Each file remains completely unprocessed other than a bit of level adjustments, so that you can take the original sounds and create your own unique soundscapes.

Using such High End equipment has made all the difference resulting in such a realistic, and immersive sound environment, ideal for the highest level of film, TV or web production.



SoundLife Audio’s Custom Neumann surround array has been used extensively to record unique and quality atmos and sound effects for numerous productions including ABC’s “The Gods of Wheat Street”, Akmal Saleh’s “Pharaoh vs the Egyptians”, Lock the gate’s “Fractured Country” and numerous other productions.

The unbelievable purity that the Neumann Mics capture is then piped though a Zaxcom Field recorder delivering incredibly realistic sounds with almost no noise floor whatsoever.

Surround Atmos Recording

Sound Effects recording rig

SoundLife Custom Neumann Surround Array