Hear the Real World

SoundLife Audio has a wide range of services. It’s understandable that you might have a few Q’s. Before giving Steve a call, check out these common questions to see if it answers yours.


The quickest and easiest sound edit is a SOUND SWEETENER, which is simply cleaning up background noise from dialogue, Making the dialogue fit the mix and making the levels right.

You can allow about a day per 10min of your production. (Faster turnaround is possible but with a reduction in quality)


If you have a bit more time up your sleeve but the deadline is looming, an INTERMEDIATE SOUND EDIT might suit you. We clean and fit dialogue, fix levels, place SFX where needed and work on Atmos and Music.


This is where you have planned your production with sound in mind. Brilliant! We do everything included in the intermediate sound edit plus sound designing to make your production unique and impacting. This can either be stereo or 5.1 surround.

How do I deliver my production to SoundLife?

We would discuss the best method for you, but in most cases an OMF (or multiple OMF’s, depending on the size) along with a low res QT is the best way.

What do I receive from SoundLife at the end of the edit?

For a stereo project we will give you 4 full length stereo tracks: Dialogue, Music, SFX and Full Mix.

For a Surround project we will provide 4 seperate mixes as above but with 6 discreet mono tracks in each. L,R,C,LFE,LS,RS.

For location recording, How much advance notice do I need to give?

As always, the more notice, the better, however we can jump to at the last moment if need be. Be aware that SoundLife is based 1.5 hrs south of the Gold Coast and 2.5hrs south of Brisbane so this time should be taken into consideration.

For Location recording, What do I need to tell SoundLife?

The best way is to give Steve a buzz and discuss it at length with him so that he can bring everything necessary to capture your performances on the day.

How do I communicate what music I need in my production?

Once again, an in depth discussion, preferably in person, is best in this case. Steve has a number of great ways to talk about music including emotion charts and lists. We can cover you legals too including contracts and cue sheets to APRA.