Composing Music – Don’t tell me what to do!

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Here’s something I’ve learned

It’s not really kosher to go around telling people how to do things.

I mean,

who wants to go and do what someone else tells them to do?

It’s not enough for me to know some things and then tell everyone about how to go and do those same clever things.
Heres why: (and you can apply them to yourself as well, if you like.)

Don’t tell me what to do

Compose music with meaning - Dont tell me what to do

1 – I’m unique

People don’t have to know and do what I do, especially when it comes to composing music.
Imagine if everyone played the same stuff as I do.
My wife would think it’s cool. But seriously, what a boring musical world it would be.
I specialise in smooth, unique musical landscapes that flow in and out from emotion to emotion. That just doesn’t work for every situation.

Everyone needs a different teacher

What I have even come close to the expertise and training that the majority of film and TV composers have. The wonderful people who’ve trained me and been my mentors are themselves unique and give a very precise flavour to the style they teach.
I imagine sometimes that I’ve been trained by the Indian Maestro, Ravi Shankar. (Much respect and May he rest in peace and do go and check out his site. Just click on his name just before.)
How different would my music sound today?
How different would my methods and disciplines be?

Imagine being trained by Hans Zimmer.
(actually, alot of us have been through all the movies we see, eh. What a guy)

Subconsciously we tend to be repelled by someone’s suggestions, no matter how right they are

Not everyone is the same in this category, but I know alot of you who read this are.
Since young adulthood, it is natural for a child to begin separating themselves from their parents in beliefs, decisions and authority.
That’s pretty normal. It is rebellion, but it’s perfectly natural and the world wouldn’t work as well without it.
Imagine all the mummy’s boys and daddy’s girls. Heh!

That rebellion stays with us and, even though some grow to really appreciate and rely on other peoples good advice, there will always be a tendency deep down to do something different.
Something of your own.
I am fully aware of this in myself. Catches me unaware and makes me laugh sometimes.

Music should begin and end in the heart

It is really important to understand the 2 parts of us where music comes from.
1 – The Mind
This is where the decisions about instrumentation, form, texture, purpose and intent come from
2 – The Heart
This is the true source of music. (Click here to see my previous article on composing music with meaning.)
From the heart come emotions.
Music is communication of emotions, completely bypassing the mind.

Both aspects of music are essential, but when it comes to music, the heart must come first. For true communication of emotions (from the composer’s heart to their listeners’ hearts,) the heart must be the source of that communication.
Music should most definitely begin and end in the heart.

When I write an article like this one on composing music, I hereby give you permission to take it with a grain of salt.
I’d love you to read it, think about it, even argue against it, but definitely take what you can and leave the rest for the dogs. (Dogs need to eat too.)

You are unique
You have your own teacher
You will carve your own path
You will use your own wonderful heart to communicate with us all through your amazing music.